R22 Replacement Facts

The Truth About Your R22 Equipment

The use of virgin R22 gas is already prohibited. After the 31st Dec 2014 it will also be prohibited to use reclaimed gas.
It is vital to have a contingency in place.
If you have equipment running on R22 there are three options available:

  1. Do nothing. You are not breaking the rules by continuing to use R22 systems. However, you need to be aware that after 31st December 2014 it will be prohibited to repair R22 systems if that work involves breaking into the refrigerant system. In that event, legislation dictates that we must decant the gas and condemn the system.
  2. Converting your existing system to make it compatible with a replacement ‘drop in’ gas. While this offers a reduced initial expenditure compared to full system replacement, the disadvantages are no replacement refrigerants offer an exact match to the thermal properties of R22 which could result in reduced capacity and efficiency. In addition, this is only a temporary measure. Parts for R22 systems are becoming more expensive & harder to source. The systems are older and prone to breakdown. So replacing the gas is no guarantee that the system will continue to run efficiently or reliably. More money may need to be spent, even in the short term!
  3. Replacing your R22 equipment with a new system. Our new energy efficient systems will be fully compliant with current legislation, bring major cost benefits to your company as well as increased reliability. New systems include a range of features to future proof the installation. Extended warranties are also available. ECA grants may be available, and we offer a range of finance options subject to status.

A return on investment can be achieved in less than 2 years based on the energy savings & reliability alone.
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